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Bianca Censori risks legal consequences, including possible jail time or a €15,000 fine, for her daring fashion choice in Paris, where she chose not to wear underwear beneath transparent tights during an outing with Kanye West.

The 29-year-old Yeezy designer’s bold outfit choice, which left little to the imagination, has potentially put her at odds with French public decency laws. Notably, her attire didn’t include a shirt or bra under a cropped fur coat while returning to the Ritz Hotel with Kanye, following dinner at Ferdi.

French law, specifically Article 222-32 of the penal code, criminalizes deliberate sexual exhibition in public, punishable by up to one year in prison and a €15,000 fine. However, the law makes distinctions for naturism in designated areas.

This incident is not Censori’s first brush with controversy due to revealing outfits. Previously, on a trip to Italy with West, she faced potential fines and imprisonment for similar acts of public exposure. Italian law similarly penalizes such exposure, especially in places frequented by minors, with significant fines and possible jail time.

During that visit, Censori’s choice of clothing—or lack thereof—sparked backlash among Italian locals on social media, who criticized the couple’s lack of modesty, particularly in a country with strong conservative Catholic values. Additionally, Censori and West found themselves under police investigation after being filmed in a compromising position, further adding to their history of contentious public behavior.


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