Yahoo Introduces Blueprint Performance: A Transparent AI-Powered Media Buying Tool

Yahoo is unveiling Blueprint Performance, its new AI-powered media buying tool designed to offer greater transparency compared to competitors like Google Performance Max and Meta Advantage+.

Blueprint Performance is the latest enhancement to Yahoo’s AI engine, Yahoo Blueprint, which was initially launched in December 2023. This upgrade includes media buying recommendations within Yahoo’s demand-side platform and now allows for action on those placement recommendations, significantly boosting performance.

During early tests with over 50 advertisers, Blueprint Performance demonstrated a 30% improvement in campaign metrics, such as audience targeting and acquisition goals, compared to control groups, according to Adam Roodman, Yahoo’s senior vice president of product strategy and management.

One brand reported a 50% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA) and an 80% increase in return on ad spend (ROAD), showcasing the effectiveness of Yahoo’s new tool.

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